Indigenous Community Development in Tabulam, NSW

The Elders of Jubullum Village reached out for support on their community. Now we have become inseparable.

Empowering Indigenous communities is at the heart of the Encounter Global mission and we are honoured to be able to serve the Elders of Jubullum Village in the Northern Rivers region of Australia as they work to create opportunities for their community to thrive. 

Hearing the Elder’s passion for building a brighter future for their children is awe inspiring. It makes all of the hard work and obstacles pale in comparison to the blessings we receive by working with such loving, wise and resilient people.

By supporting with the re-launch of the local Gungyah Ngallingee Aboriginal Corporation, we helped to re-open the Tucker Box canteen, bringing much-needed social services back to the village as well as creating a communal space for local elders, youth and families to gather.

Moving forward we are working with the Elders to establish a range of projects in the community, including sustainable housing and development, youth and cultural programs, as well as a platform for local entrepreneurship to thrive. We hope to be able to take successful models from Jubullum and initiate similar programs in Indigenous communities throughout the region and beyond.

Connecting to country and culture is the key to indigenous community development. We might have skills and resources to offer, but inevitably they know what is best for their community. With understanding and respect we can engage on a heart-to-heart basis and build the trust that becomes the glue for projects to bear fruit.

 Adam Collett, Encounter Global Founder & Director with his adoptive parents, Aunty Annabelle and Pop Harry Mundine Walker, Senior Elders of Jubullum Village

Adam Collett

ADAM COLLETT Founder / Director, Encounter Global Adam Collett is an innovative community strategist, multi-disciplinary designer, event producer and cultural ambassador. Founder / Director of impact agency Encounter Global, he is dedicated to empowering communities...

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Lotus Casuarina

LOTUS CASUARINA “I am a creative, a visionary, a revolutionary, a voice for the youth and those who cannot speak. I dream to make this world a better place. My passions for making people smile and using the power of Random Acts of Kindness to help transform the world...

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